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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tasman Sea

Our trip is all but over and we are now heading west to Sydney.

We had our final tour yesterday and consider it one of our best. Auckland is such a beautiful city and its beauty was enhanced by early morning sunshine. We left the ship at 8:15 and drove straight up onto the dormant volcano, Mt Eden. It had rained the previous night and you know how beautiful the world looks bathed in sunshine the morning after rain. Auckland looked a picture.

Later we went into the maritime museum and saw a replica of the America’s Cup and the yacht “New Zealand” which won the cup for New Zealand. Its keel and mast are incredibly large and we were able to see it from underneath and then when we were up on the second floor look across its deck to see where the 17 crew members worked.

Our museum visit was followed by a sail in Auckland harbour...a great day!
But we have made our final return to the ship, entered our cruise card into the security check point for the last time and are now packing for our arrival home Friday.

We’ll be back in Gladstone at 7:20pm Friday night...By then Number 1 daughter will know if she is talented enough to maintain the reputation established by her mother many years ago!!! Good luck!

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