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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

26 May 2010, 11:45am
The ship is a buzz. At passenger’s request, Princess has negotiated viewing rights to the State of Origin and we’ll be viewing it under the stars on the big screen from poolside on Riviera.
Presently we are cruising due west from Cape York, through the Arafura Sea –to the South of us is the Northern Territory coast but too far away for us to see. What a big country! We rounded Cape York at 11:20am yesterday and at 2:30pm sailed past Booby Island and into the Gulf of Carpentaria. We next saw the light house on Wessel Island marking the end of the gulf at 7:45am this morning!
I’ve just completed my 3 circuits of the deck – a distance of 1km and we are the only visible object on the 3600 horizon of sea. I began the day with stretch class – half an hour of stretches that are supposedly going to improve my back and neck problems. One lives in hope! Hobo 1 is up listening to a lecture on Pilotage in the Great Barrier Reef. He’s managed to reach 2 circuits of the deck but always finds too many people to stop and talk to, to make the full three circuits.
The sail up the coast on Monday was wonderful. We sailed past Scawfell and other Whitsunday Islands almost close enough to touch them. Yesterday we started the day just off Hopevale mission. The sunlight was just perfect to show up the beautiful aqua water and we had the prettiest cruise around the cape – absolutely picture perfect. Once again we saw Booby Island- just a rock at the entrance to Torres Strait. How Laurie and Val lived there for seven years, I don’t know.
We are off watching the Jumping Crocodiles tomorrow in Darwin.
Life is tough!!!


  1. yer life sounds hard state of origin on a cruse ship after seeing the top of Australia on the second day of your world cruse!!!

  2. ditto ... life sure is hard. I'm glad you managed to find somewhere to view state of origin Grandad not exactly first class ha ha... PS-no fights with the cockaroaches... unless we lose you have permission to throw them over board. GO QUEENSLAND
    Love Jadey and Annabella oxoxo