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Friday, May 28, 2010


28 May 2010
Today we are sailing the Timor Sea. Fitzroy Lagoon wouldn’t be as calm and the water is the most beautiful rich blue satiny colour. We’ve only left our balcony to go to Trivia. This morning we had our best score to date. We compete in teams of six and our scores for the Sydney-Dubai leg are tallied for a Grand Prize at the end. Our team, Allofus, is trailing the leaders by 13 so I don’t think we’ll be in the prize winners circle but it is all good fun.
The ice carving in the Horizon Court today is the Eiffel Tower. We’ve just been up for lunch and returned with a cheese plate to eat on the balcony as we watch the day roll by. We’ve seen two dolphin pods, two small Indonesian fishing boats in the middle of nowhere and a livestock carrier returning to Darwin along with the odd flying fish scampering out of harm’s way but little else to disturb the peace.
Yesterday the crocodiles performed well for us. We drove 1.5 hr down to Humpty Doo and out onto the Adelaide River through the floodplains where they attempted to grow rice years ago. I put the camera on sport continuous mode and captured a couple of great sequences of jumping crocodiles and swooping hawks.
Last night we saw the first Dawn Princess dancers’ performance- Rock this Town. It was fabulous. The dancers are so energetic. We saw them on Sun Princess and I couldn’t believe how the singers had matured over the time.
Life continues at a very pleasant pace with no timetables to be met and a ship load of interesting people to meet. Unfortunately the husbands have forgotten their training and tend to think and act for themselves much to the chagrin of wives.
We close as a tropical squall envelopes the ship and drives us back into our cabin.

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  1. hahaha i bet you wish i was there for Trivia. and the ice carving sounds cool(bad pun)