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Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday on the Farm

Rosellas on the bush

Rosella Jam
Today I made Rosella Jam and I'm rather pleased with myself. 

I've recently had an operation. Hence the lack of blog entries for the past couple of weeks. Now I'm facing four weeks of restricted duties. 

My rosella bushes were loaded in fruit and rain over the last week had brought on a new crop of flowers and the promise of more pickings to come.  So yesterday I picked the first crop and prepared the fruit.  Didn't find those tasks too challenging.

Seed pods covered in boiling water and soaked overnight

Husks washed and prepared
This morning I placed the husks in a saucepan and poured in the water from the bowl of seed pods.  To this I should have added some lemon juice but I didn't have any lemon.  However I did have some little bush limes a friend had given me so they came to the rescue.  

Add water from the seed pods to the husks

Little Bush Limes
I popped the sauspan on the stove and prepared my bottles while the fruit softened and reduced.  This took about twenty minutes. 

This much fruit...

Reduces to this much pulp after 20 minutes
Then I measured the fruit plup and found I had three and a half cups of fruit.  This indicated how much sugar needed to be added.  

1 cup of sugar for each cup of fruit pulp
I popped the jars in the oven to warm while the pulp and sugar boiled for another 20 minutes and began to jelly.
 The pink froth that forms on top needs to be spooned off
At this point I added a teaspoon of butter to help reduce the pink froth that forms on top of the mixture.  After removing this it was time to take the hot jars from the oven and to fill them with the jam. 

Voila!  This was the result.

That's why I'm feeling quite happy with myself tonight. 

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  1. That's great!!! I have never heard of of Rosella jam but it looks lovely and i hope it tastes good too!!!

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Hi.. I love making jams and jellies but I too have not heard of Rosella jam... I wonder what it tastes like.. It looks delicious:)

  3. I am not sure if I have seen Rosella fruits. But I love making jam and tried making guava jam because we have 2 guava trees at the backyard.

  4. Hi, dont ask me how as I have no idea, but I somehow stumbled across your blog, I love it. The pictures alone are enough to have me hooked. But reading about people and places I know was so nice, I had a tear in my eye at times and a smile on my face at others. And now Roby and I are settled in at Yarrawonga I cant wait to grow some Rosellas and other various vegetables so we too can enjoy some yummy home made jams and relishes!! Cant wait to read more!!