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Monday, March 14, 2011

A Flutter of Butterflies

Today it was out of bed early, a quick breakfast and gone. We had cattle ready for sale and they were to be sorted and loaded by 9:00am. Except for the rain that meant we had to work in wet clothes and ankle-deep in mud, all went without a hitch and soon Hobo 1 was loaded and on his way.

A magpie feasting on grubs buried in the mud 

Back home, I welcomed a warm bath before facing the washing. 

It was funny weather. Showery or intermittent showers as the weather bureau would say.

Raindrops on the water trough

The skies would almost clear, sun would break through and everything would glitter and sparkle momentarily then back to grey skies and rain. The clothes would have to be hung on the verandah yet again if they were to dry. And that’s when it happened -my Monday Moment.

My front garden

By the last load of washing I had worked my way around to the front verandah just as the sun broke through. What a sight! The flower garden was alive with a flutter of butterflies - yellow, white, brown, black, multicoloured flashes in a feeding frenzy making the most of this brief break in the weather.



Such a pretty sight.

My day was that much better for having enjoyed this moment.

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