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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Friday On the Farm #5

Irrigation and other Happenings
A busy day - too busy to find time to post. So here’s Friday on the Farm on Saturday!!!

The day began shrouded in fog as we began to lay out the next irrigation run on a new bed of lucerne we’ve just planted. I call the task my “Purposeful Walking Program”. With two shifts a day I get a good work out morning and night.

It’s very rewarding to see the little heads filled with promise popping out between the clods of soil.

I enjoy the changing moods of the mountains that rim our valley...

And the many birds that grace us with their presence – brolgas, magpies, bustards, wood ducks and various raptors are all regular daily visitors.

Back home to feed up the weaners and bulls in the yard and then to enjoy a late breakfast on the verandah in the sun.

Mid morning while I’m in the middle of washing and Hobo1 is mopping the floors Number 1 granddaughter arrives with her three little ones. The busyness grinds to sudden halt while we sit and chat and give the boys their traditional ride on the quad bikes. I’m sure they don’t come to visit grandma but just to have a “buggy” ride each week!

Just had time to rush up and do a couple of voluntary jobs on a local project in Ubobo when the family left. Then back to pull the washing off the line to be folded later before it was off to move the pipes again before sunset.

Some where in the middle of all this we were entertained by a stand-off between this praying mantis...

...and this Willy Wagtail.

The willy knocked the mantis off the verandah rail onto the floor.  The mantis raised his front legs, spread his wings wide and bluffed the little willy with his ENORMOUS size. The willy made several attempts to catch the mantis but all time the insect moved to remain square on to the bird with his bold defensive pose. I was glued to the spot motionless and without a camera just watching the mini drama unfold. The mantis won and the willy went off to hunt smaller fry. A very entertaining few moments.

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  1. What a cute tale of the praying mantis. Your pictures are beautiful.