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Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday's Moment

Our district was opened up under the Discharged Soldiers’ Settlement Act of 1917.  Every discharged member of the armed forces was entitled to apply for a grant of land and support to build a home. 

Many British soldier arrived in the Boyne Valley under the scheme only to find the climate  against them, water in short supply and the country a far cry from the land they called "Home".  A few stayed a life time and their descendants still live in the valley today. Most left - disallusioned and disappointed in their dream.  This is the site of the home of one such family.  I wandered over the area and wondered what was their story.

I thought of the workmanship that went into standing this yard post that stands so strong through all the passing years; fighting a battle against nature to mark the place where a man once stood and pondered his next move.

Thought of the woman who stood on the verandah of her little two roomed home that rested on these blocks.  What did she think about as she looked out across the same paddock I walk across today?

Wondered who carted the water?  And how was it carted up the steep bank from the creek to the tank that once stood on these tall post to give them both a shower.

And tried to envisage the gate that stood between these posts.  Was it the entrance to their house yard?  Was it a garden gate?  What did they grow?  Did an old horse pull their sulky? 
So many questions.  Will they ever be answered?  Is it a research project I should undertake?...
And then I saw it...

...this tiny little white flower between the gate posts.  So pure, so perfect on its delicate little stem.  It was my camera lens that discovered its companion.  My dreaming ended as I rejoiced in the beauty presented to me to brighten my Monday - a moment to remember.

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