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Monday, January 31, 2011

Looking back cont. - January Week 3

The property was water logged - so waterlogged my brother-in-law bogged his ute driving in.  He called hobo 1 who had lent our 4WD to number 1 daughter to move her "stuff" to her new school.  (She's transferred.  After 20 years in the same school, its time for a change.) So Hobo 1 drove little brother home and got another ute to do the pulling.  This too bogged!  Nothing left to do but take the tractor down - a 3/4 hour drive.  You guessed it!  The tractor bogged.  It get's worse...a sightseer who came up to see what was going on, bogged as well.  Which brings me to my first kiss for...

...the support of family and the strong family bonds that bind us together.  Number one son arrived next morning with the gear needed to remove a tractor from a bog...and this is after having just finished a night shift!

While he worked up a sweat I wandered about with my trusty camera and caught this:

Kisses number 2 and 3 go to the wonders of creation.  Isn't a feather a marvellous creation?  Such perfection!

...and this is the dawn that greeted our early morning start.

But my garden, poor thing, is badly needing some TLC.  Plants that survived the flooding have grown "like Topsy" in the hot, moist conditions.  Others have fallen victim to the damp but that doesn't stop me catching my breathe when I spot beauty such as this. 

I really must find time to reward my spider lily's efforts!

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