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Monday, January 31, 2011

Three Kisses and a Wish - Week 4

The school year begins in Queensland this week and I'm not missing the start one bit.  That's comforting.  After nearly 45 years of helping the children in my care to discover their gifts and talents and grow to be the best person they could be,  I am exhausted.  I have given all I can give and I'm ready for some "me time".

Not being tied down with school, I was able to drive into town and share great grandson 1's first day of kindy.

Kisses for his baby sister who slept through the event and allowed him to have Mum and Dad all to himself on this special day.

Kisses to his family and Aunty Bibbi for their love and support.  They made this transition so easy for him when it could have been quite challenging.

Kisses to him for taking the time to pose for me just once in his busy, exciting (dare I say a little scary?) day.

"Oh, no!  Where's his cup?  They 've just asked him to hang up his cup and I can't find it! Oooh, I left it on the sink!"  Heaps of kisses for a great Dad who went all the way home and got it for him.

 I wonder where the years of education that lie ahead will lead him?

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