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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Monday's Magic Moment 1#

I experienced that Special Moment on Monday. You know, that special moment when waves of satisfaction roll over you as you step back and look at a job well done- that moment when you can say, “Finished. Now enjoy.”

March 7th has been a special day in our family for seventy years now. It’s the day brother S was born. Then it became his son’s birth date and finally our second granddaughter popped into the world on that date as well.

However Monday, 7th March 2011, was a bigger day than usual. There was an extra special alignment this year with a 70th, 40th and 18th birthday to celebrate with friends and family.

Hobo1 and I organised the traditional Aussie BBQ to honour the occasion. I spent the morning in the kitchen removing frozen food from the freezer, preparing salads, buttering buns and making desserts while Hobo 1 made the final preparations at the venue, the Discovery Centre up in Ubobo.

Then at 1:54pm it happened – that special moment! The cooking done; the present wrapped and the venue ready. FINISHED… with time to spare! Even had time for a rest -“The icing on the cake” as they say.

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  1. Wow, Happy Belated Birthday to them. What a special day! We have also double celebration in the family. My son and my husband's eldest daughter were born on the same day.

    Thank you for following my blog. I do the same. It is nice to see fellow bloggers who are from Australia too.