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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tuesday's Tasting #1

In 1996 Stephanie Alexander released "The Cook’s Companion- The complex book of ingredients and recipes for the Australian kitchen".  It was given to me in 1998 and has been my constant companion in the kitchen ever since. It bears the inscription:

Congratulations on your semi-retirement.
Thank you for your wonderful teaching of our children …

As they say in the classics- Good cookin’ good lookin’!
Thanks on behalf of Yr 3 families ‘98

Bernadette was a young mum who had been a year seven student of mine years before.  Her name on the bottom makes this book extra special.  In my ‘semi-retirement’ I became principal of the small one teacher school I had attended as a child and remained teaching there for another 12 years.

And so to Tuesday’s Tasting…from The Cook’s Companion (1996) p474 I give you Carrot and Orange which is a most refreshing dish on a hot summer’s day.

Simply combine grated carrot, orange segments and coriander leaves.
Dress with olive oil and orange juice.

I’ve just had it with ham for a cold lunch and previously served it as a side salad at a BBQ, also with grilled beef, sausages, chicken and duck… versatile, simple and tasty.

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