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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wednesday's Weekly #9

International Women’s Day was yesterday, 8th March. Our local QCWA (Queensland Country Women’s Association) members shared lunch at our treasurer’s house and watched a DVD of East Timor. Each year we have a “Country of Study” and this year it is East Timor. So a Timorese theme in dress and food was taken and an afternoon of friendship was enjoyed by members. Kisses for our International Officer for coming up with the idea. Also to fellow blogger Ramblings who brightened my day today by providing a link to Aretha Franklin’s video clip “Sisters”.

Especially for You
Second round of kisses go to those family members and friends who are still geographically and emotionally close enough to join together in celebrating the alignment of three family birthdays – a 70th, 40th and 18th. Most had to travel 75 km to do it and a happy family gathering of four generations of the family was the result. Brother S, caught here with his son, has a severely scarred face thanks to skin cancer so I love this photographic accident that caught him blowing out the candles.
Happy Birthday Birthday Boys
My last round is for all those small creatures that have brightened my world this week. Miss Molly, my pup, who entertained me playing in the puddles; a tiny spider that I didn’t even see until I downloaded, hiding under a Bachelor Button leaf; cotton bush seeds being caught on the breeze; a little wren that paused long enough to allow me a photograph; the wasps busily tending their nest who, once they realized I was watching, all turned to face the camera daring me to come any closer and the poor mulberries. They shouldn’t be seen until October. But the weather is so topsy- turvy at the moment they are confused and putting out fruit while they drop their leaves for autumn. Crazy!

Small Things
And my wish? I wish the birthday girl from Townsville could have been here to join our celebrations. Our hearts went out to her and although absent she was very much included in the celebrations.
Happy Birthday Shanny
Whew!  Caught a little behind there for a while...been a busy week.

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  1. You have been busy! Lovely pictures :)
    ☼ Sunny