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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bay of Bengal

5 June 2010
What does one write when one’s heart is so heavy and you’re 5000 miles away from you all with a rough mounting sea, rain and 4.5m waves?
Our position is 6.10degrees north and 91.29 degrees east headed straight for the tip of Sri Lanka with ships to the left and right of us. We woke from a sleepless night to find 12 ships in view and the constant stream hasn’t stopped all day although now we are only seeing the odd one that emerges close enough to be seen through the misty rain.
And what does one do on a cloudy, showery day in the Bay of Bengal...mad things like take photos to share some of shipboard life with of the tasty treat we have to bypass daily, the ice carving that accompanied the executive chef Manlio’s Thai lunch buffet...the fruit carvings created to decorate the Horizon Food Court... the twelve bays of photos already on display enticing us to spend our hard earned dollars...the beautiful crystal gifts from Swarovski on the bargain tables today - 20% off...those birds are tempting but at $1 200? We resist the temptation...while Hobo 1 finished “The Persimmon Tree” I took in a couple of movies from the comfort of my bed ...then Ann’s email arrived...and I don’t need to say any more...we needed to and strength to you all.

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