One's destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things - Henry Miller

Thursday, June 3, 2010


2 June 2010
Another great tour choice was made today...The Battlefields of Singapore...had a very informative tour of Changi Chapel outside the old Changi prison, the Battle Box where the British Army Generals made the decision to surrender to the Japanese in Feb 1942 and the War Memorial and Cemetery at Kranji...We won the jackpot as far as tour guides go – a British historian who has lived in Singapore for the past 30 years. He made history come alive. Have a look at the wax model of General Percival agreeing with his fellow generals to surrender . It was rather eerie.. with bombing noises surrounding us and these life size figures beside us ... quite surreal.
We left Singapore at sunset ...have never seen so much shipping ... The ships photographed may have been oil drilling rigs??? Anyway they made great photo shots.
Rhys was interested in our position...This map is what we can see at any time of day or night to tell us exactly where we are. I’ll keep the position details up for you Rhys... as I sat down to write we were entering the Strait of Malaca, west of Kukup at 1015N and 103o23E.
Sorry for the lack of a posting yesterday. I was too busy!!!!
Hobo 1 confined himself to the cabin for the day to kill his wog, while I undertook the mundane tasks of washing and ironing. Between loads I took in the crossing of the equator and the associated ceremony by King Neptune who treated all polliwogs to an initiation ceremony. As shellbacks (old timers at crossing the equator) we received another certificate to celebrate the event. Then in the afternoon, as a Platinum member of the Princess Cruisers club , I attended a pre-dinner cocktail party with Captain Mc Bain. After dinner, i went to the Vista Lounge to enjoy Grant Galea a vocalist who impersonates singer like Elvis and Dean Martin. He was excellent! I then retired to the Atrium Lounge for half an hour to enjoy singers Alan and Alana who play dance music, encourage sing-a-longs and present a trivia quiz every second night. My return to the cabin found the patient much improved and ready for his tour of Singapore.
Tomorrow is Kuala Lumpur- the first of our two Malaysian tours. Try to get another posting away tomorrow night.
Hobo 1 says he’s feeling much better today but is in trouble because he has eaten all the cough lollies in the cabin and is now suffering mental anguish because he has been accused of lacking discipline, being selfish and self -scented which of course is not true.


  1. Are we allowed to hear HOBO 1's version of events as I feel he is being censored.

  2. Good one Grandad, are sure you stayed in your cabin while little miss adventure lady took off... or did you go for a little trip to the bar or laz by the pool (ha ha) no wonder your feeling better (wink wink) oxoxo