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Friday, June 18, 2010

Gulf O Aden

18/06/2010 11:28am
Today finds us cruising the Gulf of Aden...reminds us of sailing to Heron Island. The trip down the Arabian Peninsula has been quite a challenge- rough weather, pirate drills and ship break down.
We have lost 6 hours because of a technical fault in the starboard propulsion system that has caused our stop off at Safaga (and consequently our trip to the Valley of the Kings) to be cancelled. We are cruising straight on to the Suez Canal ...apparently our passage through the canal has to be booked ahead of time and we have to be there to be able to get through at that designated time and maintain our schedule in the Mediterranean.
Dubia was our last port of call. We didn’t choose to tour the city with its opulent new buildings designed to attract tourists and business to the city...rather we drove out an hour into the desert on a 4WD safari... dune busting, camel riding, sand boarding and belly dancing in 50 degree heat! Others suffered but it was no worse than a hot, dry, November/ December day. Like everything in Dubai, the day was very ”authentic”...even down to the belly dancer ...Our Arabian Princess was a Ukrainian. Our BBQ lunch would have done any Aussie barbie proud...lettuce, tomato, coleslaw, tomato with steak, lamb chops and chicken wings...all that was missing was the beetroot and prawns!!! Now we are supplying a great deal of amusement to friends as we feature quite prominently in the DVD of the tour...We even rolled around the bed in laughter when we saw ourselves joining the belly dance...hilarious!!!
Yesterday afternoon I took in the Dawn Princess Dancers matinee - Fiesta Latina...It was absolutely fabulous...the colour of the costumes( what there was of them), the energy of the dancers and the songs they presented ...just felt as if you were at a Latin American Mardi Gras. And one of the leading vocalists sang “Don’t cry for me Argentina” ...absolutely spine tingling. The dancers are amazing - given that the afternoon before the performance was cancelled because of the rough weather and yesterday was little better. We were flat out walking in a straight line and here they are twisting and twirling and doing lifts to perfection without even a stumble. Have a look at the waves in the pool that has been closed for the past three days.
In spite of our disappoint at missing the Valley of the King we are enjoying a beautiful day today gently cruising along 65 miles off the Yemen coast in picture post card conditions.


  1. Wow Grandparents everything still sounds so wonderful, and top marks for your writting grandma you paint the picture so well with your passionate discriptions.

    We are all fine, Jess is great she has been a very good girl. I went to pick up some dog food for her from the rural traders the other week and the man laughed because he couldn't imagine grandad laying around relaxing on a cruise ship.

    Its good to see grandad has passed on his knowledge to his sons i think they are doing the cows at Banaraby tomorrow and guess what...raining today and should last through until monday.

    So sorry to hear you won't be going to the valley of the kings but some good news for you qld smashed nsw in the decider of the origin not sure if you seen it.

    Ok sending all our love to you both keep having a great time it doesn't sound like it will be hard. Talk soon love you both oxoxox

  2. Ok its jade who just wrote that i accidently signed in under mums account... oxox

  3. Damn, if i remember correctly you's were, meaning Hobo 2 was, really looking forward to visit the Valley of the Kings. But oh well, only a small portion to miss out on such a lovely cruise. Hoping you both enjoy it all very much.