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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Malaysia 1

3 June 2010
Spent the day in Malaysia... surprised at the extent of palm oil industry which is a palm tree imported originally from South Africa and the export of charcoal made from mangroves is a major industry as well... had the best cup of tea since we left Ubobo at a Malay home stay house we visited this morning...the family has turned the whole of their tiny yard into an orchid garden ...amazing ! Saw the largest Mosque in SE Asia- holds 16 000 at prayer...saw the Sultan/King’s palace ...and visited Little India a preliminary bout before the main event in four days time!
After dinner enjoyed another wonderful sail away up on deck 14 headed for Northern Malaysia – Langkawi where we will cruise through the islands and feed sea eagles.
The local currency is called a ringgit and is worth 35c Australian and Hobo 1 thinks he’ll get three stubbies for the price of one. The malaca strait is the busiest shipping lane in the world with 140 000 vessels per year into singapore alone. So Hobo 1 is having a ball!!!!
For those concerned for his welfare...Hobo 1 has his say every night as we write this together...he's not suffering too much.

Over and out from the Malaca Straits at 3.16degreesN and 101.8 degrees east.


  1. Excellent Mum and Dad keep up the good work it feels like we are travelling too!! You are giving out good info too.

  2. That's such a teacher comment...