One's destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things - Henry Miller

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Somewhere in the Red Sea

Sunday, 20 June 2010
Sunday...and we are still 20hrs south of Safaga where we should have been disembarking this morning.
Yesterday was a lovely quiet day at sea. How do you spend such a day? Peacefully.
After beginning the day with a kilometre walk followed by stretch class at 7:30 its breakfast - orange juice, pawpaw, yogurt and a poached egg. Check the emails and blogs before trivia – a shocking score...our lowest yet... over for coffee on deck 5 where we watched dolphins swimming out through the portholes and lingered with friends in conversation until about 1:30pm... eat again but just a light fruit lunch from the Horizon Court. It takes great will power to walk into this area and just come out with a couple of kiwi fruit and bananas!!!! Then its Movie time as we relax back in the cabin until we had to prepare for yet another meal...dinner. A great celebration night as our Sydney friends had an anniversary...plenty of wine and laughter...we were the last table to leave the dining room...then up on the open deck to relax on the deck chairs and take in a pop corn is provided and whaty better setting could you get...pool to your left...ocean to your right... half moon above and a gentle breeze wafting around you... a stroll around the deck to end the night.
What better way could you choose to begin retirement?


  1. you 2 just did not wont to post a low score. you are a really good blog writer grandma you could write a travel book from this blogs. dose grandad still get the ship to special order his XXXX and hope your having fun in retirement

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