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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Approaching Honolulu

16/08/2010 5:20am

Approaching Honolulu

We have reached Elite status in the Princess Captain’s Circle.

“So what?” you may ask but with it comes “a host of rich benefits”- none more important than getting free (sorry, complimentary) laundry services.

On our arrival back from Universal in LA we were greeted by our complimentary bar set up, were delivered a plate of very fancy canapés to our room to go with our pre-dinner drinks on Formal Night on Saturday night and have already begun benefiting from our 10% discount in the Boutiques on board. And of course the highlight – we now have black cruise cards dangling from our necks and our name tag outside our door is black....Oh, we could also go to afternoon tea if we wished but the increased rolls appearing around my ribs and under Hobo One’s chin prevents us from partaking in this privilege.

We have been seeing some great shows of late. Last night was a variety spotlight on Mark Nizer – “the Juggler your Mother warned you about”. He makes his living as a juggler...and has done so for 25 years. He is the World Champion. Those interested in seeing some of his work might do a Google search for him. His web site is but there are some good You Tube images etc of his work as well. He juggles knives, laser lights, electric carving knifes etc as well as juggling five ping pong balls in his mouth...quite incredible! The previous night, in the idyllic surroundings poolside on the big Movies under the Stars screen, we watched Elton John in concert on his sixtieth birthday (and played spot the celebrity with Ally and John while we did so.) The night before that, enjoyed a most impressive pianist, Mac Frampton, playing with our very talented Dawn Princess orchestra... the list goes on.

Life in Ubobo will be a challenge when we get back!

(Dawn is just breaking as I write. I see Orion in the east and 3 planes circling in the darkness...Hawaii must be close.)

The photos?...Laundry time...the mini bar arrives...How rough life is on the Pacific- the view from our balcony!


  1. I know you sound a little jaded about returning but we are beginning to really miss you. So we are looking forward to your return - even if you are not so.
    love Annabella

  2. That's nice to hear. Took a photo of a little "Kobi" touring Sea Life. His grandad had him up up on a wall and was holding his hand as he walked right around the seal's pool. Took another of a little girl giggling with delight as dolphins swam past her and another little one while she was arguing with her bigger brother about what the sign was saying about penguins. (Neither would have been able to read)So never fear we too are getting ready to call this trip to a halt. 14 days to go tomorrow!