One's destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things - Henry Miller

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sailing South

At midday today we were at latitude 15.31, 156.37 degrees W

Now, having spent the day recovering from a busy day in Honolulu, while Hobo 1 showers for dinner I’ll share a little of the day.

Our tour was to Sea Life Park on the southern tip of O’ahu. We watched performing sea lions, penguins (although they cannot be trained and simply walk around the arena) and very talented dolphins and a wholphin - a 25 year old cross between a false killer whale and a dolphin. He is the darker animal in the photo.

After a return to our cabin and a freshen up we went shopping and had our first experience of WallMart. Mystified by the attraction of WallMart ever since our last cruise, we were anxious to discover the attraction for ourselves ... Picture travelling the world to shop in Silly Solly’s in a store as big as Bunnings and you’ll get the picture...We were looking for a copy of Photoshop Elements 8 and were told we’d be able to get one at Wallmart...After walking miles to actually find the store a very friendly doorman welcomed us to Wallmart and directed us to the back of the store and then to the far end of that isle to reach the Computer Section. When we eventually found the section, guess what! “Sorry Madam, we don’t stock that product.” Hobo 1 was very patient and didn’t say a word as we took the long trek back to the bus stop and headed home empty handed. (At least the doorman thanked us for coming and wished us a happy onward journey.)

BUT... just before the ship’s bus stop I spotted an Office Max. “Hey, didn’t John say we could get one there?” So off we headed...It was just back a block or so wasn’t it??? NO... Try five blocks!!! Fortunately our long walk (no quad available) paid off and now I have Photoshop installed on the computer and have “adjusted” my first photo this afternoon. I’m back into computer classes to learn to use the product. As well, Ally and I are going to photography class. Meanwhile John and Hobo 1 are having to keep up our trivia reputation unassisted because of time clashes. They are also searching the internet for motor scooters “so the paparazzi can follow celebrities when they get back home!”

Yesterday we saw a couple of men standing on top of this cliff above the rocks in the picture. The first one had a couple of budgies in his hand. We were aghast when he just jumped off the cliff clutching the budgies to his chest. We looked across to the second man. He had a gun and a parrot in his hands. Before we could say “Jack Robertson”, he also jumped. Half way down we heard a shot. We peered over the edge of the cliff. A cloud of feathers were floating down to the black rocks below. Both men were still alive but in a sorry state. We scrambled down to help them. I grabbed the first man’s hand and as I struggled to recall my first aid training, he moaned, “This budgie jumping is not what it’s cracked up to be.”

“Well don’t try parrot shooting,’ the second one coughed through his broken teeth. “It’s nothing to write home about either.”


  1. Not trying to pry, but was photoshop expensive? Because that's what people always told me when i saw they had it. Not that it'd be too much for a couple who can afford a round the world trip anyway, haha.

    And i've heard that joke before, it's a good one though, i'm sure there's a third action though, as in parrot-shooting, budgie-jumping and one more, i can't remember though.

  2. Hi Rhys,

    I replied to this the day you wrote it but I see it wasn't published. The program we bought was Photoshop Elements which is a simpler home user program than the more professional version, Photoshop. Elements costs around $100US.