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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Samoa Bound

25 August 2010
15 degrees South 166 degrees West
Samoa Bound
Whoops!!! Didn’t realize so many days had passed since my last blog...Sorry, sorry, sorry!!! Time is running out very quickly now.
We’ve both been battling a very nasty cold which has taken the shine off this leg. I spent 2 days in bed prior to Papeete and then, very unselfishly, shared my disease with Hobo 1 who is now “enjoying” his couple of days in bed. He brought the lift down this morning when he was discussing what a “mongrel disease” it was, and reeking of Vicks stated, “Of course, nobody has been as crook as I have.”
Since our last communiqué, we have crossed the equator, re-entered the southern hemisphere and travelled south as far as Tahiti. Now we are once again heading north-west, but after Samoa tomorrow, it is all downhill to Sydney.
This afternoon we’ve just returned to our cabins after a special invitational lunch with the captain for all those passengers completing the Pacific Rim as well as either or both the 2009, 2010 World Cruise. The officers joined us and we were served complimentary wines with Tasmanian Seafood Potpourri as entree, followed by Rack of Australian lamb, with Harlequin soufflés (6 little individual soufflés served in the traditional serving bowls used for oysters) for desert and petit fours with tea and coffee to finish. You can see why our double chins are expanding before our eyes.

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