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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pacific Ocean

Saturday, 14 August 2010
Pacific Ocean 25 degrees N 142 degrees W
Our day in Los Angeles focussed on meeting the challenge of American immigration procedures and the crowds at Universal Studios. We survived to tell the tale and now find ourselves 1367km south west of Los Angeles on our way to Honolulu.
There was little to see in LA but cars as we took the 60 minute bus ride out to Universal but the highways and overpasses were impressive and we did see the Hollywood sign through the early morning haze.
I’d bought our entry ticket on-line so were able to walk straight up to the entry turnstile where our finger prints (which were taken last trip) were used to bring up our identity pictures...a bit of a mind blower to start the day!
John and Ally had tried to talk us out of taking the trip because it would be too rushed to be worthwhile. However we had a great day. We were in the studio by 10:30am and were able to view three shows - WaterWorld, Shrek and Animal Antics; take an hour tram tour of the backlots where you’re shown the various lots, set up for Universal movies ( like the street built from styro foam for the Smurfs) and experience the technical tricks of Jaws, Jurassic Park, King Kong, Psycho, earthquakes, floods, train crashes etc ; experience the 40 minute queue to get on the tram and still had time to sit outside the House of Horrors and enjoy a cold dipping icecream before getting back on the bus at 3:30pm.
Kobi will be pleased to know we had a chat with Shrek and bought a waffle off Donkey but we didn’t see Dragon - only in the show. The dog did tricks for us and jumped over the boy as he took off around an obstacle course which he completed in 28 sec while the Orang-utan blew us kisses. I loved the window displays in the shops out in the City Walk at the front of the studios. Imagine a whole shop given over to selling just socks!
Hodo One was impressed with how they could move crowds around and with the amount of traffic. We drove down a 14 lane highway with every lane full and never saw an accident. Overpasses curved over our heads three and four layers deep carrying traffic away into the suburbs... amazing.
Maybe you will have your third prime minister since we left by the time we cover the last 7 500km of this journey. We picked up postal votes in Los Angeles, did our voting by yesterday and will have these dropped off to the consulate in Honolulu for return to Australia. We’ve just seen a Skynews clip of Tony in his budgie smugglers under the banner, “the one politician who has little to hide.”

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  1. it is spelled hobo not hodo because lest face it you would do the same to me. sounds like you two are having a good time.