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Sunday, August 1, 2010

In Transit

31/07/2010 4:01 PM
In Transit to Curacao
We may not have escaped the Bermuda triangle. We’re once again experiencing “technical problems” and have been without power for two hours floating in the Caribbean Sea...take down the coordinates in case we disappear - 12.33N 64.26W.
If you’d like to see us live on TV you can on Tuesday between 5:00am and 4:30pm as we transit the Panama Canal (Our time. It should already be Wednesday in Australia) . Ships using the canal can be seen on the Canal’s webcam - . We googled Panama Canal Webcam today and were able to see a container ship moving through. For the occasion, we have joined our fellow passenger and made a [HOBOS from UBOBO] poster to hang from our balcony...Watch for it...We’ll be on our balcony for a champagne breakfast and to enjoy the day...Queensland should be 15 hours behind us time-wise...Remember look above the second last lifeboat and under the word Dawn.
Barbados was green, green, green!!! Caught a shot of Hobo 1 under the Jade Vine Pergola in the Andromeda Gardens... saw some Santa bulls and these indigenous black bellied sheep...these old ewes pictured standing under an Australian she oak tree, had been separated from the herd which was penned by the road side for us to stop and see up close...Drove all over the island and saw this ancient built in 1727 and duse until 1945 to crush sugar. It was restored between 1960 and 1990 and is now open for viewing...We ended the day with the most amazing folkloric show back on board...One of the performers was on stilts about 1.5 m high...and the tricks he could do on these two thin bits of metal had the theatre gasping as did the limbo queen who went under the limbo bar about 30cm off the floor while it was on fire!!!
This weekend is the Crop Over Festival on Barbados...yesterday locals were setting up stalls for the whole length of the waterfront in Bridgetown...would have been great to have been there today to see the whole community in party mood!!!

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