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Thursday, August 26, 2010


25 August 2010
On Moorea we circled the island and visited Tikki Village which is a village recreated to represent the Polynesia of the past. It was established by a Frenchman 25 years ago and the local villagers (the entertainers) live on the site. They perform traditional wedding ceremonies, provide folkloric shows, demonstrate traditional village life etc. They showed us how to attack coconuts; dye cloth; dance the hula and fire dances as well as demonstrated the many outfits it is possible for men and women to make by just knotting, folding and tying one rectangular strip of cloth.
A little girl won our hearts...On our arrival at Tikki, the family tried to coax her to play her bongo drum which she was dragging around behind her ... but no way would she do it while people were looking...but as soon as we’d move on she’d sit down and play... by the end of the morning she had crept in amongst the band and I eventually caught her very proficiently banging out the rhythms on a big drum...She looked such a trick...dummy in mouth, big beater in hand perched up on a stool trying to do what she loved doing best but too self-conscious to look at audience.
We’ve been enjoying (when we are well enough) some very good onboard shows and movies. Last night I saw a talented ventriloquist - Dean Atkinson. Tonight our dance troupe is performing another production show - “Extreme Country”. A couple of nights ago we watched the movie “The Note Book” – a story dealing with dementia - cleverly told with a rather confronting ending. Not really pre bedtime viewing for our time of life but enjoyable just the same. Last night our late night movie was “the Secret Lives of Bees”. Many of the movies have been chosen because they are filmed in places we have visited and played when we are in that area. It’s very exciting to see places where we have been like a couple of nights ago when the movie featured Sea Life Park in Honolulu.
Tomorrow finds us at our second last port of call – Pago Pago – before Auckland, Sydney and home.
See you all soon.
P.S. Hope you have those election results sorted out before we get home.

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