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Friday, July 30, 2010


30/07/2010 5:55 AM
Off St Lucia - 13.42N; 60.20E
Woke at 5:30am to find we’d left the Caribbean Sea, rounded St Lucia and heading back out into the Atlantic on our course to Barbados. I am sitting on the balcony watching an Atlantic storm approach from the North east. We’ve survived the Bermuda Triangle so I trust we can handle this storm...plenty of thunder and lightning in it but just misty rain in the early stages of its arrival...I find it interesting that you can hear the rain on the sea...has that same wrap-up- and- get- into- bed –with-a-book sound appeal of rain on a tin roof...Unfortunately the ship passes through storms very quickly and all you’d get time to read, if you were lucky, would be a comic!!!
I’ve been bed ridden with the an upper chest infection since New York...a trip to the “Aaah!” and 6 penicillin capsules cost us $175 but at least I was able to make our “Lobster and Champagne” cruise of Antigua...I think the money spent on this cruise was more beneficial than the penicillin...It felt so good to have fresh air in your lungs! On second thoughts it may have been the champagne, captain’s punch, calypso music and dancing...whatever...I am feeling more myself this morning.
(Warren may be interested in how many linesmen it takes to release a ship in places outside Australia... In Antigua, two on the wharf, two on the dolphin...Also wondered if we were watching the next Viv Richards in action on the beach...a fellow passanger thought the practice wicket may explain the quality of the West Indies team today.)

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  1. What do you mean you made it through the Bermuda Triangle? It's 2015, we've been looking for you the last five years, haha.
    By the suggestion from hobo 2 of the reading material I think I'd like the time frame of the rain on the ship.
    Hope you guys are having a great time, much love.