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Monday, July 12, 2010

At Sea July 11

11/07/2010 4:49 PM
This is the view at 42.14 degrees North and 9.49 degrees West (looking west that is!) We’ve seen dolphins and some people saw whales but not much else to see today.
Just another quiet day at sea...We wrecked it before it started... stayed up too late and then slept in this morning and lost most of today...the Dawn Princess band plays great Dixieland Jazz...straight out of New Orleans...After two hours of jazz in the Wheelhouse we stayed on to listen to Brodband who are a great dance band who were playing sixties music last night...our table moved from dinner to the Wheelhouse and stayed till late. But late is all present it is still daylight at 10pm. Today the sun rose at 6:58 and won’t set until 9:18.
Today was our final day of progressive trivia for this segment of the trip...we finished ninth out of 30 teams and are rather pleased with ourselves...have to form a new team after Southampton as Joan and Lindsay leave us there.
To end this segment, the World cruise 2010 Choir performed for us in the Vista before lunch...they had put together a set of songs from the was really enjoyable...a little sad for some of them as many are getting off in Southampton (the half way mark of our trip)...actually tomorrow is the exactly halfway.
Doesn’t time fly?

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  1. Hi grandparents, so are we experiencing writters block??? no updates latley. Anyway we are all good Jess included. Johnti was asking about grandad the other day and kobi told him his still on the big elephant... Anway we miss you heaps hope your still enjoying every minute but we can't wait to have you home love you both oxoxox
    love jadey oxoxo