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Thursday, July 22, 2010

South of Newfoundland

21 July 2010
South of Newfoundland
Sorry to all followers for the period of silence. Hope you were able to find your way through the catch up blogs yesterday.
We safely made it through the night and did not follow Titanic to the depths. We passed over her resting place at 0006am this morning. We’d been steaming towards this point since Dublin and had not seen a ship but as we neared the site, a ship’s lights became visible. At first we thought it was a fishing boat but then decided it must be a research vessel because it was right on the spot where the Titanic sunk. The captain confirmed our suspicions on the ship’s noon update today. It was a research vessel and at the time we were passing they actually had a camera down in the wheel house examining the bronze steering column which is apparently beginning to disintegrate. So in the photo you can see the moon, the ship and the wake of the Dawn Princess above the wreck of the Titanic at latitude 41043.9N 49056.9W. We passed about a mile to the north.
Hobo 1 can now relax!!!!

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