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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mid Atlantic

Tuesday, 20 July 2010
This is quick catch up 4.
At Sea 15th- 19th July
It is a rather sobering thought to see a crush of grey headed patrons with walking sticks, hearing aids and wheel chairs pushing and shoving to get into a Beatles concert. Where have the years gone?
Four young men joined us in Southampton and performed a Beatles concert for us but we were unable to see them because we could not find a seat into the 550 seat theatre. We were rather pleased to hear they were causalities of the aborted Dublin stopover and had to stay on with us to Boston. Consequently they have performed for us three more times and every time the theatre has been packed – in fact it was filled 20-30 minutes before opening time. Tonight we are having a “White Hot Party” on the open decks and they will be playing for the last time. You would swear they were the real Beatles.
With no entertainers the cruise staff has had to be really innovative. Last night two of our entertainers who play music in the Atrium each night put on a musical quiz show for us which was excellent – “Drama on the High Seas” to quote... “an “award winning” performance of the murder of the master mariner at midnight on a misty Monday in the mid-Atlantic with a Mayan Machete.”
Another set of 4 Russian musicians gave us an excellent concert of popular classical music. Could they make those strings talk?
During the day we’ve continued our trivia games but are suffering the absence of Ally and John. We’ve been to three cooking classes with Master Chef, Commendatore Alfredo Marzi. We now know how to make Swans “Swimming in a Sea of Chocolate”.
Afternoons have been spent watching movies – loved Saturday’s movie “Leap Year” and saw “It’s Complicted” again just as good as the first time we saw it.
Imagine everyone’s joy when the sun came out Monday and we had a 360 degree unimpeded view of the horizon. A walk along the deck was very slow as everyone stopped to chat and share their joy.

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  1. We have contact, i repeat we have contact. Cancel the search party, call back the choppers, call back the jet-skis, call back the submarines, send out a return command to the unmanned rescue vehicles, which are mobile in air, water, under water and on land, haha.

    Glad you are keeping yourselves busy with lots of fun, interesting and exciting adventures.