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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Tuesday, 20 July 2010
This is quick catch up 3.
Dublin 16th July
This did not eventuate.
After a day of rough weather around Lands End, we were up early and off to a quick breakfast with Dublin in sight. We were planning to do a walk on our own while we waited for our afternoon tour. I’d normally take photos as we came in but not this morning. Because we were doing this walking tour I only took two photos.
At breakfast we joined John and Joy (Gleeson) and John told us the pilot boat Hobo 1 saw “delivering” the pilot while I showered was in fact returning to Dublin with the pilot on board. It was John’s belief we’d not be seeing Dublin. Sure enough...landing too rough for our ship to come into the wharf so it was off to sea and on our way off across the Atlantic.
Our friends Ally and John were stranded. They’d left the ship and gone to Northern England to see Ally’s mum and were meeting us in Dublin. All our entertainers for the transatlantic crossing were also left behind. There’ll be a few good tales to tell when we all get back together again in Boston!
Unfortunately, the weather did not improve Saturday or Sunday- one of the main reasons I haven’t been sitting at the computer writing blogs!

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