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Tuesday, July 6, 2010


5/07/2010 8:24:31 AM

Yesterday was a day at sea but very interesting. We cruised up the coast of Sicily and passed within “an inch” of the Italian coast as we passed through the channel then came within a nautical mile of Stromboli, an active volcano huffing and puffing away. I heard one of the little kids from day care (pictured) ask if we’d feel it shake next time it puffed.
We ended the day with an excellent production by the ship's production team - A tribute to the Beatles. On our stroll around the deck after it finished at 8:30pm we saw the perfect ending to a perfect day...a big pink orb sinking into the Mediterranean Sea. I sprinted up to our room and just caught this glorious picture of the 4th of July drawing to a close.

Great to hear from our latest followers Kyle, Chyanne and Shan. Love to you all.

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