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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tracking the Titanic

Tuesday, 20 July 2010
Off Newfoundland above the Titanic
Number 1 granddaughter picked it - writer’s block...Had a couple of busy days in France and England then had to miss Dublin because of bad weather and face up to seven days at sea as we crossed the Atlantic...the body was willing but the mind was weak! Plus the sea is much kinder today – smooth but covered in fog.
This morning as we breakfasted we met Richard and Joan (Lyn Wood’s parents. Lyn relieved me at Ubobo when we went round the Pacific.) They had joined the cruise at Southampton as did a new couple sat our table. This couple, Bev and Elwyn, are from New Zealand When we said we were from Ubobo, they said, “Oh yes. We know where that is.” For the past five years they’ve had a campervan housed at a cousin’s place in Beenleigh and come over to spend the winter in Australia. They leave Brisbane and camp at the Boynedale Bush Camp or on the Calliope River for the first couple of nights of each trip. I’m repeatedly surprised at how small this world is and with how much travel some people have done- Joan and Richard did the first half of the world cruise last year and left home when we did this year but flew to England and hired a car and toured England for six weeks until they joined us in Southampton to do the second half of the world this year.
As we cross the Atlantic, we are following the pathway of the Titanic. Our ships are of similar size, similar speed, carry the same number of passengers and left from the same port - Southampton. The Titanic couldn’t get in to Dublin either and now today we too are travelling in fog with the fog horn being blasted every two minutes. Tonight at 2300 we are going to pass directly over the Titanic’s resting place. (The same time it hit the iceberg.) We have had a Scholarship at Sea lecture today at lunchtime on the ill fated voyage and the movie was played at 2:00pm this afternoon. The attached photo shows Hobo 1 on iceberg watch!!!

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