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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Tuesday, 20 July 2010
Quick catch up 1.
Versailles - 13th July
I managed to get lost during the tour of the palace and caused myself and Hobo 1 a great deal of anguish.
As you can see by the crowds at the gates, the place was packed - 7 million tourists a year visit Versailles. We walked up this glorious marble staircase and into the first room. Camera clicking, I was busy gazing at ceilings when I suddenly found myself caught in a wave of Japanese tourists who carried me forward with their tour. When I tried to get out they just locked up tighter than a scrum pack and I got separated from our group and try as I might I could not find them again for over an hour... I eventually found my way out of the palace and to the gates of the gardens where I thankfully found two other Princess cruise passengers who were also lost...but this was no all that comforting as I knew they’d missed the bus a few days previously and were left behind when they failed to make it back on time. (It cost them $120 in taxi fees to get back to the ship.) They wanted to move on but all I could depend on was that Hobo 1 would not move beyond this point unless I was with him. However a wait of 45 minutes began to have me doubting I’d ever see him again! Having left the palace I couldn’t go back in and without a ticket I couldn’t move forward. When we were found by our tour leaders I couldn’t see Hobo 1 which increased my tension. So when he finally came round the corner at the back of the group I burst into tears.
Needless to say my Versailles experience is now etched firmly in my memory.
However lunch was delightful and were able to stroll through the grounds for an hour before the tour ended. By that time I’d gathered my senses again and we really enjoyed our 90 minute back through the Normandy countryside.

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